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Effectus Medical

We are dedicated to only offering high-quality COVID-19 test kits and PPE.  With so much fraud and inexperience, it's easy for even people with the best intentions to end up selling and buying inferior test kits and equipment.  


Effectus Medical either manufactures our PPE in our El Paso, Texas facility or we partner with respected manufacturers who we know and trust.  The test kits we offer have been authorized for sale under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and have been used in Korea since the first cases were detected in that country.

Backed By the Effectus Corporation.

20+ Years of Corporate Responsibility Devoted to Creating a Better Planet.  Experts in Logistics, Materials Sourcing, Plastics Recycling & Manufacturing and Closed-Loop (Zero-Waste) Programs.

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Ricardo Duarte

President & Founder

Effectus Corporation

I was born in Nicaragua but left shortly after the Sandinista Revolution of 1979 and moved to neighboring Costa Rica where I received my Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Costa Rica.   In 1989 I came to Texas A&M University to get my MBA, and after graduating, I went to work for the chemical company Union Carbide for almost a decade.  After Dow Chemical acquired Union Carbide, I left the company and started a plastics distribution and recycling company in 1991 in Texas.

I live in the Houston area and have two teenage children, and I want to make sure that they inherit as good of a planet as the one I grew up in.

Effectus has facilities in the United States and Mexico where we collect and process plastic waste (post-industrial and post-consumer). We currently have customers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. 


We have extensive experience in Product Sales, Product Distribution, Logistics, International Trade, International Relations, Customs, etc.  We have established long term relationships with many manufacturing companies in all regions of the world and have gained their trust by the way we do our work. 


A testament to the way we do business is the fact that many of our customers and suppliers have been with us since we started, almost 20 years ago.